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When you bookmark a website using Internet Explorer 5 or higher, the browser will try to associate the website's logo with the bookmark by putting a small picture next to the website name in the favorites menu.  Try bookmarking this page and you will see what I mean.  A  like the one you see here should be next to the page description in the favorites list.

How does a webmaster do this nifty little trick?  It is rather simple and is done by creating an icon file named "favicon.ico" and placing it in the root directory of the website.  The icon file should be exactly 16x16 pixels and you should stick with a 16 color palette.  I recomend creating a bitmap (.BMP) or GIF  file with a graphics editor and then converting the file to the icon format (.ICO file) using the free program Irfanview.  Name the converted file "favicon.ico" and place it on the server  in the root diretory of  the website.

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