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Welcome to the History & Society section of my web site. Here you will find information on history, society, religion, philosophy, people and other topics in the arts & humanities.

Libraries & Literature 
Libraries & Literature - here you will find links to online libraries and other sources of literature.  Did you know that many of the Classics can be found in digital version on the Internet? 
Recommended Books - an ongoing list of books that I have read and my comments. 
American History from Revolution to Reconstruction 
The History Channel - the cable TV channel web site. 
MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive - an integrated collection of over 1000 biographies and historical articles of a mathematical nature. 
World History 101 - the cultures of Africa, China, Egypt, Greece, Mayan, Mesopotamia, Rome, Prehistory and Middle ages are divided into categories of Art, Biographies, Daily Life, Maps, Pictures and Research and more. 
Academic Info : World History Gateway - this web sites offers collections of web links that are very valuable for exploring the different subdivisions of history. - a non-commercial website on ancient history. - nice US history website. 
The American Presidency - Selected Resources on the American presidency and presidents. 
Government & Political Science 
FirstGov - the official site for U.S. Government information, services, transactions and forms. 

One of the most enduring and perhaps endearing human trait is story telling.  I've put together a page with my thoughts on story telling and a list of worthwhile stories. 


This section is under construction. 

My Favorite Historical Figures - information and comments on people that I find interesting. 
Philosophers - wise and learned people from our past.  Emphasis on Western thought and the history of psychology. - search for information on over 25,000 of the greatest lives, past and present. 
The Second Millennium 
Top 100 People - list of people who had a major influenced on the last 1000 years. 
Top 100 Events - list of the most important events of the last 1000 years. 
Top 100 People of the 20th Century - Time Magazine's special edition. Many articels on the 20th century, well worth the time to peruse. 
Religion & Belief Systems 
Main Section - this section of my web site is devoted to the examination of religions and other belief systems. 

Wise Words 
Click here to read a collections of interesting quotations that I have found. 
To find famous quotations on the Internet visit these web sites:  Bartleby's Quotations &
Vocabulary - my list of interesting words and my view on having a decent vocabulary. 
Famous Documents - my collection of the world's most famous documents, speeches & essays.

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