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One of the great things about the Internet is that you can parade all of your eccentricities before the world.  And the best part of doing this is finding out you are not alone!  There are other people who share your interests and appreciate the chance to talk about them.  

Welcome to my website.  This is my personal corner of the World Wide Web where I share some of the things I find useful, interesting, or just plain fun with friends, family and the world-at-large.  Be warned, from time-to-time I may get out my soapbox and espouse my opinion on this or that topic.   The site is divided into subsections that represent a few of my interests.  
My website is eight years old.  I have had a lot of fun adding content and experimenting with different types of web page design.  I have lots of ideas for more topics to explore, but some of the areas are still a little light on content.  The whole site is a work-in-progress so please check back often to see what new things I have added (or changed).      
Take a little time to sign my guest book or send me email.   I'd really like to hear what you think of my website and would appreciate the feedback.   


Ponder this:    
An ignorant society cannot be a free society.  Read, learn, be informed and think for yourself.  It is our duty as citizens of a great democracy. 
What does plumbing and philosophy have in common?
(Click Here to find out)  

To see an incredible picture of the World Trade Center a couple months before the attack click here
In Carl Sagan's book, Pale Blue Dot, he eloquently explains how small our world really is in the grand scheme of things.  Click here to read an excerpt. 
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