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Here are some things that I find funny.   
Enjoy them and pass them around.
People are more opposed to fur than leather because it is easier to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs.

Funny Pictures (you gotta see these!)  Page 1, Page 2 

Hands free cellular device

Why it is great to be a Man. 

What happens when your ass is not big enough. (G - rated) 

Signs that you have had too much of the 90's. 

Bridge Building. 

These poor (not so bright) people were faced with the problem of what to do with a beached dead whale. (Warning: this is a 12MB QuickTime video, it takes a very long time to download, but it's worth it if you haven't seen it.) 
This poor guy is having a really Bad Day (889 Kb MPEG video) 

Alien Song (3.1 Mb MPEG video) 
Important Life Lessons from Will Rogers 
Check out the "Last Site".  I've been looking for it for a very long time. 
Interesting Units of Measure 
Man's Rules 
A Woman Who Reads 

 Cows, the Government and Corporations 

Very Punny - a collection of puns 
Love That Snow 
List of Insults from Famous People 
History of Giving the Finger (Pluck Yew) 

Thermodynamics of Hell 
Man Talk as Interpreted by Women 
Remember When - a stroll down memory lane (I remember a lot of this) 
Country Wisdom: An Old Farmer's Advice 

Honey, Not Tonight 

The Public Restroom: A Woman's Perspective

Weight Loss Program

I Believe . . .

This Button has been pushed too much! 

The Value of Undies 

Female Hormones in Beer 

A Women's Little Instruction Book 

For all of you parents out there: what you should keep in mind when you feel like complaining about your kids. 
Red Neck's Family Tree (I am my own Grandpa) 

How to Use An ATM Machine 
34 Ways to Annoy Other People 
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus - read two college student's essay. 

Interesting Facts 
The Meaning of Service 
Giving more that 100% 
Why did the Chicken cross the road? 
How to be a Good Wife (from a 1950's point of view) 

Doctor Humor 

The Elderly Wedding 
Too Crowded in Heaven 

Reeasrch Sohws Taht . . . 

Grandma's Tough Love 
The Rude Parrot 
Dear Mom 

Fun for Lexophiles 
A Bit Of History

Fun Quotes

The Elevator

Why Men Don't Write Advice Columns

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