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Kerman Telephone Company was originally founded in 1911, making it one of the longest established businesses in the entire Westside of Fresno County.  The company moved into its new building across from the Verteran's Plaza Park at 811 S. Madera Ave. in December of 1999.  They were previously located in two buildings.  One at 783 S. Madera Ave. where the Chamber of Commerce is now, and the other was at 759 S. Madera Ave. which is located on the southwest corner of D Street and Madera Ave. 

Although Kerman Telephone Company has been around for a long time, they are a progressive businesses offering the Kerman community many of the services you would expect to find in a large metropolitan area. 

Kerman Telephone Company website - go here for more information on its services and history.

 Kerman Telephone Company's new building at 811 S. Madera Ave.
Photo by Ken Moore, circa 2000
Photo Date: 3/2004
 Photo's of Kerman Telephone Company's previous locations will be added at a latter date.
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