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St. Patrick's Catholic Church is located at 15437 W. Kearney Blvd, just north of Kerman Middle School.  St. Patrick's Parish in Kerman was originally established in 1930 as a mission of St Paul, Tranquility, California, to serve the families of West Side farmers and farm workers.  It became a parish in its own right in 1943.  Its present congregation consists of approximately 800 families.  The new church was completed in 2001.  The old church is located on 6th & G Streets.  Click here to see the old church. 
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Photo Date: 1/2002
Front of Church 
Photo Date: 1/2002
Photo Date: 1/2002
 Photo Date: 1/2002
Rear of church as seen from alter 
Photo Date: 1/2002
 Father John Griesbach 
Photo Date: 1/2002
View from Balcony
Photo Date: 1/2002
Under construction.
Photo Date: 7/2001
 Click here to see the old church.
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