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Places, like people, change with the passage of time.  The town of Kerman started as a railroad water station with one person in the early 1890's.  It has become the fastest growing city in Fresno County.  In 1990 it's population was 5,700, in 2007 it was more than 12,300, and by 2011 it had reached 13,700 people.

This website is the home of a project that visually records how the town of Kerman is changing over time by photographically documenting the landmarks, businesses, churches, schools, events, and other features of the town and surrounding area.  It is an ongoing project consisting mainly of 21st century photos.  When older photos are found they will be added to this record.  Kerman's Official Historian and my old friend, Olen White, is sharing his knowledge and photo collection with me.  Olen offers a world of information and as time permits I will begin to incorporate what I can into this website.

The Kerman Photo History project is open to contributions from the public.  Any help would gladly be accepted in the form of old pictures, stories, suggestions for topics, or any other historical insight about the various features of Kerman.  To contact the author of this website send e-mail to Scott Toste.  

The photos on this website are best viewed when you set your computer display to 24 bit color or better.  Many of the photos are available in a higher resolution (larger, clearer & more detailed) digital format, and are available upon email request.  If you find any of the pictures on this website useful and would like to use them in your own website or some other literature, please ask permission before making a copy. 
- Scott Toste 

Good News!
A group of people interested in Kerman's history have come together to form an historical society.  On April 6th, 2015 they adopted their bylaws and officially created the Kerman Historical Society. They are in the very early stages of assembling the infrastructure of the group and need your help. Please consider becoming a member. You can find out more information by visiting their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kermanhistoricalsociety or the interim website by clicking here.

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