Skaggs Bridge, Kerman California 
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Skaggs Bridge allows Madera Avenue (Highway 145) to cross the San Joaquin River at the Fresno-Madera County Line.  Steam boats used to dock at the bridge before Friant Dam was built. 

Skagg's Bridge Park is a Fresno County Park located on the Fresno side of the San Joaquin River.

Flooding at the old Skaggs Bridge in the early 1900's before the San Joaquin River was damned.
 Historical Photo from unknown source, early 1900's
I believe that these are the remnants of the old Skaggs Bridge (see picture above) or possibly an old dock.
Photo Date: 3/2004
The two "new" Skaggs Bridges.  The newest (the larger bridge in the background)
is slated for completion some time in 2004.
Photo Date: 3/2004
The following is an email that I received from Gary Skaggs, a decendent of the Skaggs family that originally settled in the area near the bridge and park.

From:  "Gary Skaggs" 
Subject:  Skaggs Bridge 
Date:  Tue, January 10, 2006 3:40 pm 
To:  scott 

Hello Scott,

I enjoyed the pictures of Skaggs Bridge.  I am the second to the last living member of the Skaggs family (I have an unmarried 17 year old daughter).  The
Skaggs side of my family were grain farmers along the river near the bridge.  My mother's side of the family lived in Madera and owned the Madera Hardware Comapny and also a hardware store in Kerman.  They owned several farms and ranches in the Madera area and sold Sherman Thomas his first ranch.  They purchased the Santa Rita Ranch in Dos Palos which was the first ranch Miller and Lux sold.  I lived in Madera until I was seven years old, then moved to Dos Palos.  I live in San Diego now.  My mother lives in Raymond.  It is thoughtful of you to preserve history like you are doing.

Gary Skaggs 

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