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Below is a article that I wrote for Nancy Weis, the principal of Kerman Christian School.
Something Special at Kerman Christian School 

There is something special at Kerman Christian School that goes beyond academics.  It is something subtle which you may not immediately see, even though it can be found in nearly every aspect of the school.  I am not exactly sure what to call this special quality, but it makes a tremendous difference in the education and development of the children who attend there. 

I first noticed this special quality in the teachers.  They are a dedicated group of people who pour their hearts into teaching.  They are concerned and care a great deal about each of their students.  Itís obvious that this is more than just a job for them.  And this type of attention is reflected in their students who thrive academically in this environment. 

Iíve also seen this special quality in the parents of the children who attend the school.  The parents are the ones who are primarily responsible for making things happen at KCS.  Like the teachers, they are a very dedicated group.  By volunteering their time and working together, they are responsible for fund raising and extracurricular events that benefit the school and the children.  Some of the parents even share in the administrative responsibilities of the school. 

What surprises me the most are the children at Kerman Christian School.  Schoolyards are notorious for being rough places, but I have been pleasantly surprised to see older kids looking out for the younger ones.  It is not uncommon for two older kids to be playing a game, stop, and ask a younger child if he or she would like to join in even if it means the older kids wonít be able to play the game at the same intensity as before.  And there are other things that I have seen the children do that demonstrate a caring-selflessness and friendliness that I would normally not expect from people so young.  When I ask myself why the children are like this, I realize itís because they are practicing what they see all around them.  They see it in their teachers and in the parents who help at the school.  Kerman Christian School is teaching its students some of the most important things they could ever learn: how to be good, caring, kind-hearted individuals with a sense of community and fellowship.  And it is taught to them in the best of all possible ways Ė by example. 

So what is special about Kerman Christian School?  It has an environment where a child can flourish academically and at the same time learn to be a good person. 

Scott Toste

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