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The Kerman Christian School is a private school affiliated with and located next to the Kerman Covenant Church (at Del Norte & Whitesbridge Road).  The school offers preschool through 8th grades.  It was founded in 1994 and is still a relatively young school.  Work was completed in September 2003 on a new school building located next to the temporary classrooms which will house all of the grades. 

The combination of small class size and highly motivated and caring teachers give the students at KCS a chance at a first rate education. 

15495 W. Whitesbridge 
Kerman, CA 93630 
(559) 846-7200 
Kerman Christian School Website 
Panoramic Interactive view of school grounds 
An article I wrote about the school 
 Photo Date: 3/2002
Main Office
Photo Date: 9/2003
Newly complete school buildings
Photo Date: 9/2003
The three temporary classrooms (left),
Kerman Covenant Church (right)
Photo Date: 3/2002
Classrooms for 1st through 7th grades
 Photo Date: 3/2002
School buildings under construction
Photo Date: 3/2003
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