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Welcome to Pharmacy & Health Information at  This section of my web site is under development.   Here you will find information for the Healthcare Professional and for the Patient / Consumer.   Check back often to see what new content has been added. 
Clinical Pearls  
Infectious Microorganisms
Medically Important Bacteria
Measurement Conversion Tables
 (more . . .)  
Vaccination has had a huge impact in the history of humanity.  What was once considered a wondrous medical tool, is now being feared by some people.  Read why you should not be afraid of being immunized against infectious diseases. - this site is everything I initially wanted my site to be (but I ran out of time and energy).
Disease States & Treatment Options
Brief descriptions of various medical disorders and the methods of treatment.
Fungal Infections
West Nile Virus
Herbs, Vitamins & Nutraceuticals
Information on natural products, their use, benifits and health concerns.
A perspective on "natural" products
Is NutraSweet safe?
Functional Foods
Here you will find links to pharmacy, medical and health resources on the Internet.
How to find good health info for the layperson
Programs for the PDA

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