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Here is a collection of links to photography related web sites that I have found to be interesting, useful or just fun. 
- Scott
Photo Galleries
NASA Photo Galery - an extensive library of images from 10 NASA centers.  It's very cool!  I highly recommend checking it out. 
Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures - absolutely fantastic pictures of deep space objects taken by the most expensive "camera" ever made.  Even if you are not interested in space you will enjoy these photos.  Please take a look. 
NOAA Photo Library - thousands of weather, oceanographic and marine species pictures. 
California Museum of Photography - is a department of the University of California, Riverside.  It is concerned with the intersection of photography, new imaging media and society.  The site also has some of Ansel Adam's work. 
PhotoServe - a diverse gallery of pictures from professional photographers. 
George Eastman House - a tribute to the ". . . art, technology and impact of photography and motion pictures over 150 years." 
SierraVisions - a site dedicated to the beauty and wonder of Califonia's magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains. 

TerraGalleria - 660 photos taken in 47 National Parks and related areas. 
Kerman Photo History - A Past & Present Photographic Tour of Kerman, California. 
Field and Forest - an active virtual community with members located in more than 40 countries who regularly look to Field and Forest as a place of inspiration or practical information.  Lots of original work with nature as the focus.

Cambridge In Colour - images from in and around the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.  Has good tutorials.

A Tedious Explanation of the f/stop

Photo Communities
Most of these sights offer film processing, print ordering, photo sharing, and online photo albums.  A few of them allow you to edit your pictures online, create movies/slides, and order merchandise (greeting cards, mugs, jigsaw puzzles, calanders, etc.) 

Yahoo! Photos 
Kodak Picture Center & Kodak.com 
StudioAvenue (PhotoLoft) 
General Photography
Usefilm.com: Projects for Photographers - a collective group of photographers that share projects and critique each others work. 
Picture.com - upload your favorite photo to enter a contest.  Lots of nice pictures. 
PhotoLinks.net - a collection of photography links. 
NaturePhotographers.net - articles, tips, forums on nature & wildlife photography. 
ShortCourses - information on digital cameras, digital photography & digital video. 

Panoramic Images - Information on Software that stitches (merges) photos together to create panoramas

Panorama Tools
    Google search results
    Panorama Tools download
    Jim Waters Pano Tools


Panoramic Stitching Software review -

Personal Photography Web Pages
Keith Tate Photography - Keith takes wonderful pictures of birds and landscapes.  I consider his web site the epitomy of amatuer nature photographer sites.
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