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The foothills of the Sierra Nevada lie between the California's Central Valley floor and the Sierra Mountains. The topography ranges from low rolling hills to 3000 foot peaks. The land is covered by grasses, oak and pine forests. It seldom experiences the snow of the moutains or the tule fog of the valley floor. The foothills are characterized by hot, dry summers followed by a short wet season that generally lasts from November through April, although most of the rain falls from December through February.

In the past I thought of the foothills as a transition zone between my home (the valley) and the mountains that I love. Just something that I pass through on my way up to mountain destinations. But the foothills have a lot to offer, and I have found that if I slow down and pay attention I can discover all sorts of delightful things.

Places I have Explored:
   McKenzie Table Mountain Preserve
   San Joaquin River Trail
   Millerton Lake
   Eastman Lake
   Madera Cattle Ranch
   California Highway J-59

Home > Sierra Foothills 

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