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The Sierra Nevada is a spectacular range of mountains stretching 400 miles, from Fredonyer Pass in the north to Tehachapi Pass in the south. Bounded on the west by California's Central Valley, and on the east by the Great Basin. Several of its peaks soar above 14,000 feet. It is a land of granite, glacial ice, alpine lakes, deep canyons, conifer forests, and meadows. It is a part of nature so magnificent, so sublime, that it refreshes the human spirit.

Very simply stated:  I love the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I live about 40 miles from the Sierra's western base. Throughout my life these mountains have been a source of many wonderous adventures. Their beauty is inspiring and has produced a deep reverence and abiding passion that draws me to them. In this section of  my website I'll share some of the incredible splendor I have found during my exploration of Sierras.

For a general description and history of the Sierra Nevada Mountains visit Wikipedia's article.
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