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Breif overview of  my trip:
On Saturday, September 8th, my friend, Gene Lee, and I went on a two day backpacking trip into the Kaiser Wilderness.  We started at the Badger Flat trail head and hiked to George Lake where we made camp for the night.  Sunday morning we walked around the perimeter of George Lake and then hiked up to College Lake (no trail, just cross country scrambling).  Then we returned to our camp at George, packed up our gear and hiked back out to the Badger Flat trail head.

   Badger Flat Trail Head to Potter Pass
   Lower Twin  Lake
   Upper Twin  Lake
   George Lake  Page 1 - 2 -3
   College Lake

    Topo Trail Map

GPS Travel Time & Distance Log
    Badger Flat to Upper Twin Lake 2hr 24 min, 3.5 miles, 1.46 mph
    Upper Twin to George Lake 1hr 15 min, 1.15 miles, 0.92 mph
    George Lake to College Lake 1hr 5 min, 0.5 miles, 0.46 mph
    George Lake to Badger Flat 3 hr 14 min, 4.65 miles, 1.43 mph

GPS Trip Computer
    Overall Average 1.6 mph
    Moving Average 2.8 mph

Home > Kaiser Wilderness > 2007 Backpacking

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