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The 22,000 acre Kaiser Wilderness is located immediately north of Huntington Lake, approximately 70 miles northeast of Fresno. Kaiser Ridge bisects the Wilderness and provides a commanding view of the central Sierra Nevada. The southern half of the Wilderness is characterized by dense red fir and Jeffrey pine forests which extend up the gradual south slope of Kaiser Ridge. The top of the ridge is in the alpine zone. The descent from Kaiser Ridge into the northern part of the Wilderness is quite abrupt. This northern region is much more open than the south side and contains eighteen small lakes.
-- from http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/sierra/recreation/wilderness/areas.shtml

I enjoy visiting the Kaiser Wilderness.  It is very accessible, and has several beautiful lakes within easy walking distance.  The wilderness’s trails pass through forested mountain slopes interspersed with the occasional picturesque meadow.  It’s common to see a few cows grazing in these meadows which reminds me to watch my step (cows use the trails to move from meadow to meadow . . . and they leave cow patties in their wake, which normally isn’t a great hazard for me since I was raised on a farm but in this environment I am usually distracted by nature’s other beauties and don’t always watch where I am stepping).  There are also many spectacular vistas of mountain peaks both closeup and far off in the distance. When I’m hiking and find one of these special spots (be it a meadow, vista or lake), time slows down for me.  The world gets quiet and something inside of me, something that normally addresses the world around me in an assertive, analytical manner, becomes still.  It is replaced by a sense of serenity and an awareness of nature’s majesty.  This is what I like most about the Kaiser Wilderness.

My Adventures:
September 2007 Backpacking Trip into the Kaiser Wilderness

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