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Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are my favorite areas to explore in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Only a small fraction of the grandeur held by these parks is accesible from the road. If you really want to experience something special, get out of your car and go for a hike on a trail.


   Kings Canyon
      Cedar Grove
          Muir Rock
          Mist Falls & Mist Falls Trail
          Paradise Valley
          Roaring River Falls
          Knapp's Cabin
      Boyden Cavern
      Grizzly Falls
   Grant Grove
   Buena Vista Peak
   Redwood Canyon
   Tokopah Falls
   Lakes Trail
   Moose Lake
   Twin Lakes Trail - Silliman Pass
   Wuksachi Lodge
   Crystal Cave
   Moro Rock
   Giant Forest
   Hospital Rock

Backpacking  Trips:
   Pear Lake - Moose Lake , August 2009
   Paradise Valley, June 2010
   Silliman Crest - Twin Lakes, August 2010

External Links:
    Wandering Lizard - Kings Canyon National Park
    Nationa Park Service - Sequoia & Kings Canyon

Home > Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks 

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