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Idiosyncratic Epiphanal Ramblings

Reality is not always reflected in the records kept by the government.  Nor will records agree between governmental entities. 

Social Kinetics: 
The level of personal freedom is inversely related to population density.  The greater the number of people around you the more rules that are necessary to maintain order.  The fewer the number of people around you, the greater your level of personal freedom. 

Scott’s Laws of the Universe 
1. Zero Plus Zero is Zero (Latin: Ex nilhilo nihil fit) 
1a.  Take nothing away from nothing and you still have nothing. 
2. It is always easier to take something apart than to put it back together correctly. 
3. People are stupid. 
4. Everything is related to everything else; nothing exists in isolation; it is all one system.
4a. No measurement is ever absolute, it will always be relative to some other construct (e.g. starting point).
4b. An event is singular and unique; any event that has ever occurred will never happen exactly the same again.

Art & Beauty
Art is an ambigous and amorphous concept that is both a verb and a noun.



  If you are asking yourself, what is this page all about?  The answer is:  I'm not sure about that myself.  It is just my dogmatic rambling when I think I have a flash of insight on something poignant but more often inane. 
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