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This section of my website is my soapbox.  It is where I espouse my opinion (i.e. thoughts, reflections, complaints, gripes, sarcasm, dogma, ignorance) on this or that subject.  On a personal level, I go to great lengths to keep in mind that there is always more than one way to view a situation and that other perspectives are, or at least can be, valid.  But sometimes I cannot resist commenting on something -- sometimes as a devil's advocate, sometimes because I'm in a contemplative mood, sometimes out of frustration, and sometimes out of an overwhelming need to enlighten others (beware the dogmatic wise man, he may not be as correct as he thinks).

Taxes - our country's income tax system and how people in different tax brackets view a tax cut.

Intellectual Property  and the Ownership of Ideas - Thomas Jefferson's view on "Ideas."

Spark of the Divine - a life lesson that we should always keep in mind

Don't Judge by Appearance - a story demonstrating the folly of judging first appearances.

Pale Blue Dot - an excerpt from Carl Sagan's book putting into perspective how small our world really is.

Idiosyncratic Epiphanal Ramblings - things I've written down when I think I am having a flash of insight.

Things That Irk Me - a list of things that people do which annoys or irritates me.

The Wooden Bowl -  a story about how the Golden Rule should apply to how we treat our parents when they get old and a reminder that children do what they see.

Lessons of Life - A story about a Farmers Donkey that parallels life.

Of rocks and beer- a philosophical allegory.

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Utterly Humbled By Mystery - Richard Rohr's essay for the NPR "This I Believe" radio program.  He discusses his view on the irony of how many religious folk insist on answers that are always true while considering themselves people of "faith."

Should We Be Unhappy With America? - American's live in a great country, but it is easy to take for granted our level of freedom and prosperity.  

Albert Einstein's "This I Believe" essay.

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