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Things That Irk Me!!!

  • Implying that I am incompetent or unintelligent because I can't interpret your inarticulate problem description.
  • Gossiping:  It's okay to say nice things (positive, complimentary things) about a person to other people, but to talk about someone's private life for no other reason than that you feel the need to share what you know about the person . . . just annoys me.  It isn't nice!
  • Listening to Gossip:  This is just as bad as doing the gossiping . . . it helps perpetuate it.
  • When someone is driving and they are in such a hurry that they find it necessary to drive in a reckless manner, cutting off other drivers, tailgating, impeding the flow of traffic, and getting to the stop light before anyone else where they wait while everyone else catches up with them.  Catch a clue people, driving in such a manner wastes fuel and brake pads, and save you only seconds or at best a couple of minutes.

  This page contains a list of things that people do which irritate me. 
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