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I started seriously lifting weights at age 16, once I reached my 30's I found that I didn't have enough time to do serious body building anymore.  My lifting became sporadic, but luckily I have a body type 1995that responds well to any weightlifting I find time to do.  Perhaps someday I'll devote more time to it again.  One of the things that I miss most about lifting is that it helped increase my mental discipline and focus.  There is something neat about being in a gym, ignoring everything and everybody around me, and totally focusing on a physical task--trying to acheive maximum contraction from each muscle.  I haven't come across anything that creates quite the same sense of well being. 

Here I am in my mid 40's.  No I am not narcissistic.  I love photography and am studying lighting.  My family doesn't always cooperate with me when I want to practice with my camera so that leaves me with . . . me as a subject.  I was kind of surprised how this photo exercise worked out.  I had light from a setting sun shining through a window and I bounced some of it off  of a white foam board sitting opposite my shadowed side.  At the particular time when this photo was taken I had not been lifting weights for many months.  I wasn't in good shape, but the residual mass and definition I had acquired in my youth and creative lighting that emphasized contours yielded an interesting photo of a middle aged guy.

I'll post more photos as the years accumulate.

Here I am doing another lighting experiment two year after the above picture. This page seems to be turning into more of a commentary about my photography than my bodybuilding.

I positioned a flash unit behind me and bounced it off of a reflector positioned firectly overhead. Pretty neat effect!

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