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Thank you for visiting my website.    

My name is Scott Toste and I live in the San Joaquin Valley of California.  I was born and raised here, and think it is a pretty special place.  The Central Valley, of which the San Joaquin Valley is a part, is one of the world's largest valleys.  It is sandwiched between the Coast Range mountains and the Sierra Nevada mountains (the Sierra's also hold a very special place in my heart and I consider them to be one of the most beautiful features of our planet).  This region is one of the world's leading agricultural producers (and I am lucky to be a part of it).  To see the small town that I grew up near, visit the Kerman Photo History section of my website.   

I'm interested in many different things and the longer I am around in this wonderful world of ours the more "things" I become fascinated with.  I've chosen a few of my favorite topics or hobbies to share with you on my website.  At heart, I consider myself a scientist and philosopher, but first and foremost, above anything else, I'm just plain curious.    

 My academic background is pretty diverse by virtue of being so "curious."  I have earned an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts (I didn't know what to major in when I was in Jr. College), a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology (with an emphasis on statistics & experimental methodology, graduated summa cum laude, received the outstanding graduating senior award in psychology, and was a class or two short of getting minors in philosophy and geography), and a professional Doctorate in Pharmacy (yeah, yeah, technically you can call me Dr. Scott).  Between the time I received my B.A and Pharm.D., I studied all sorts of wonderful and fascinating things (chemistry, physics, biology, chemistry, computer science, did I mention chemistry).  And although a signicifacnt portion of my knowledge base lies in the "hard sciences" which I dearly love, as I get older I'm finding a renewed interest in the things I studied early on in my college career:  the Humanities (history, philosophy, sociology, political philosophy, anthropology).  As I acquire more life experience, I become more aware of how everything is tied to everything else--and I find this wonderful coherency fascinating.   

I'm also an avid computer hobbyist and have been playing around with computers since the late 1980's.  One of the things I like about being a webmaster is that it gives me an outlet for my incessant need to tinker, manipulate, modify and fine tune.  Which is why you will find so many different styles of web pages on this site (no . . . it is not because I'm schizophrenic!  I just like to experiment with web design).  My other hobbies (past and present) include body building, backpacking and hiking, mountain biking, archery, geocaching, collecting maps, astronomy, Corvettes, archiving family and community history (see my Kerman Photo History section), photography, enjoying nature, writing (and I admit I am a poor student of English but I think I get my point across), watching movies, and of course reading. 

I make my living as a farmer and a pharmacist.  I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful children.  My days are filled with more things to do than I have time in which to do them all in.  I've set aside some time, however, so that I can create this site and share with others the things I find interesting (Photography, History & Society, Financial & Consumer Information, Humor, Computers, Pharmacy & Health, just to name a few).  For me my website is also a kind of "peripheral brain" where I store knowledge.  When I learn something new, I record it here so that I can easily refer back to it.  Someday, when I have more time (or should I say "if" I have more time), I will create a website offering a pharmacy counseling service.  Until then, if you are a friend or family member (i.e. someone who won't hold me liable) and have a drug, medical or health question, please email me.    

Sign Scott's Guest Book Please feel free to send me some email and tell me what you think of my site.  You can also sign My Guest Book or take a look at it (View Guest Book).  I hope you enjoy what you find here. 


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